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LUÍS LAUREANO SANTOS E ASSOCIADOS - SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, SP, RL, NIPC (VAT number) 502662840 and the Register n.º 3/92 in the Bar Association.

Copies of the contents of the website, including texts and photographs, are not authorized in any way. The contents of the website are legally protected (Copyright).

Objective Information:

Under the terms of article 94 of the Statute of the Portuguese Bar Association, it is intended to disclose the professional activity of LUÍS LAUREANO SANTOS E ASSOCIADOS - SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, SP, RL and the lawyers that integrate it, in strict compliance with deontological duties, professional secrecy and legal rules on advertising and competition. The information contained herein does not constitute direct advertising, nor is it intended for commercial solicitation of clients.

Privacy Policy for Newsletter Subscription (RGPD)

LUÍS LAUREANO SANTOS E ASSOCIADOS - SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, SP, RL respects the privacy of all that contact us and is committed to protecting the personal information that it is provided to us, in accordance with the Data Protection General Regulation (RGPD). The present Privacy Policy describes how we gather and use personal information that it is provided when subscribing to our newsletter.

  1. Personal information gathering

    To subscribe to our newsletter we gather the following personal information:

    • Name
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  2. Use of Personal Information:

    The Personal Information that is collected when subscribing to our newsletter is exclusively for sending of our electronic communications.

    We do not share Personal Information and/or Personal Data with third parties.

  3. Personal Information Security:

    We strive to our best abilities to protect Personal Information against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure, or destruction. We adopt security measures adequate to protect Personal information.

  4. Personal Information Storage:

    Personal information is storage only for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected.

  5. Privacy Rights:

    There is a right to request the access, correction, exclusion, or portability of personal information. At any time, Personal Information processing consent can be withdrawn.

  6. Privacy Policy alterations:

    LUÍS LAUREANO SANTOS E ASSOCIADOS - SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, SP, RL reserves the right to alter the present Privacy Policy at any given time, in accordance with the RGPD. The updated version of the RGPD will always be available on our website.

  7. Contact information:

    If any queries subsist about our Privacy Policy or on how LUÍS LAUREANO SANTOS E ASSOCIADOS - SOCIEDADE DE ADVOGADOS, SP, RL manages Personal Information please contact us through our email: [email protected]

    March 2023


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